About KP-Connect

KP-Connect visualizes operation processes, automates, and saves work by linking professional printing processes. KP-Connect is a unique solution from Komori, a press manufacturer offering powerful support to improve a printing company's productivity.

Two levels of support, for solutions tailored to specific needs

Two versions of KP-Connect are available: KP-Connect Basic, for visualizing production operations; and KP-Connect Pro, with added realtime information display.Options, such as a scheduler, for easy process management via PC, and MIS integration, are also available. Customers can start with basic and upgrade to pro as necessary.

Steps to introduce KP-Connect

Komori quality and security

Notes on Use of KP-Connect

  • ・Security measures for the user’s network environment are the responsibility of the user.
  • ・Collected information will be used solely for the purpose of providing KP-Connect service and making improvements to Komori products and services.
  • ・Please apply to use KP-Connect service after reading the terms of use in advance.
* The deployment items and time differs depending on the area. Contact a Komori representative for details.
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