Growing thanks to versatility of Lithrone presses

Italy, Dtd Packaging | Lithrone GX40 [GLX-640+C+2DU+C UV/IR]

05 June 2020

Based in Settimo Milanese, near Milan, Dtd Packaging is an emerging star in the Italian paper converting industry, specializing in cartons and UV packaging for the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical markets. The company was founded in 2001 by three entrepreneurs who joined forces to become more competitive in the market. In 2006, the Testa family bought the shares of the other two partners to carry on the business on its own.

From left: Domenico and Fabio Testa, Owners

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After going through several evolutional, technological and growth stages, the company has to date achieved a greater than tenfold increase in sales turnover: "Today we are optimally organized, I would say, and offer a top-level service to whoever chooses to be part of our project," explains Fabio Testa, owner of Dtd Packaging.
Located in the Lombard region, the company currently has a turnover of about five million euros, employs a young and dynamic staff -- 14 full-time employees -- and offers a service based on a consulting-type approach, with a complete and uniquely versatile production cycle encompassing all processes. Of course, quality is paramount as attested by various certifications, including FSC and ISO 9001. In other words, the printer is a real partner who allows customers to pursue their marketing ideas and create their own image at points of sale, using the most innovative printing technologies possible.
"Our goal is to respond quickly and effectively to any requests we receive," explains Mr. Testa. This is confirmed by the slogan that can be read at the entrance to the plant: 'A company's success is based on obsession with the customer.' "Service is certainly one of our strengths, and it's based on total transparency toward the customer, proficiently interpreting his needs and at the same time solving any problem that may arise in the process," says Testa.

A unique setup in Europe: two coaters and two drying units!

In February 2018, a Komori printing line with one of the most complex configurations to be found in Europe was installed in the company's press room. It's a six-color Lithrone GX40 conventional/UV printing press equipped with two coaters and two drying units, automatic plate changer (Full- APC), the PQA-S system for print quality control, KHS-AI (Advance Interface) print startup system, plus nonstop feeder and delivery. This means that the feeder is filled and the sheets are removed automatically and continuously, without any interruption until the end of the production run, printing at maximum speed to meet the expectations of the production manager. As Silvano Bianchi, CEO of Komori Italia, explains, "Thanks to the presence of a double coater and a double dryer, it is possible to apply a conventional and a UV varnish in a single pass, a UV gloss inline with matt or soft touch or other combinations."
It is no coincidence that Dtd Packaging has once again turned to Komori, which is so active in the packaging market that it has developed a line of offset presses with a range of options that meet the three main requirements common to all packaging printers: reduced production costs, excellent quality control and higher added value.
"During our investigation before this major investment, we asked ourselves what our customers' needs were and how we could improve our productivity and the quality of our products," continues Testa. "And once again, the answer was Komori. We already had a six-color Lithrone SX40 with coater, and the Komori team had proved to be reliable and ready to give us all the support we needed at any time. The proven stability of the Komori presses also played an important role in our choice. The press immediately yielded decisive qualitative and quantitative improvements. The particular configuration of this new Komori press has allowed us to customize our production process, enriching it with UV coating that enhances the aesthetic level of printed materials with plays of gloss and matte in a single printing pass. We have also drastically reduced market response times and expanded our product offering, and, as a result, are attracting more customers from Italy and other European countries."

Plans for today and tomorrow

From a technological and productive point of view, Dtd Packaging is literally changing its skin. "We were born and are growing up in a market in which it's no longer possible to dwell on the successes we've achieved," concludes Testa. "We must always look ahead and face any challenge we encounter with the necessary agility and flexibility. We are now opening up to the entire European market with a view to continued growth and are aware that being supported by the latest technologies is of fundamental importance."
"We aim to double our turnover within the next three years by acquiring new customers and, why not, also by cooperating with other companies operating in the same sector and sharing our philosophy and projects."

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