GLOBAL PACKAGING OPEN HOUSE : Packaging in the spotlight

Tsukuba, Japan

05 June 2020

On February 6, 2020, Komori held the Global Packaging Open House at Komori Graphic Technology Center in the Tsukuba Plant -- with customers from 12 countries in attendance. This open house featured demonstrations of the eight-color Lithrone GX40P, the eight-color Lithrone GX40RP and the six-color Lithrone G40 with coater.
In the demonstration of the Lithrone GX40P, the audience saw double-sided gang-run printing on thin paper at the maximum speed of 18,000 sph. Printing on heavy stock was also shown, with KP-Connect automatically sending preset data and Autopilot allowing the operator to finish two jobs by pressing the button just once.
In the first job on the Lithrone GX40RP with coater and double delivery, the press printed 500 sheets of packaging images with an eight-page imposition and drip-off effect on metallized paper. Demo highlights included the replaceable ink fountain film, anilox roller changer, new ink roller cleaning device, and the Semi- APC for coater. In the second job, 1,000 sheets of packaging images were printed on coated board at the maximum 18,000 sph.
Next up was the Lithrone GX40 with coater and postpress automation. The press printed the same image that was printed on the Lithrone GX40RP demonstration by means of Smart Color. Smart Color is a printing technology that reproduces special colors by adding orange, green and violet to process four-color inks and expanding the gamut. In the demonstration, the color difference between the samples of the Lithrone GX40P and the Lithrone G40 with coater was less than ΔE 2, showing the high special-color reproducibility of Smart Color using Komori's KHS-AI system, the Komorimatic dampening system and the color control function of PQA-S V5. After printing, a demonstration of stripping using the High Performance Blanking System Apressia MB110E was performed. Also, making its first exhibition here, the Apressia AT120H, the High-end Auto Pile Turner that supports up to 14 programs, such as pile turning, pallet changing and sheet alignment.

Display of Apressia AT120H auto pile turner.

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