Komori: A millennial dream

India, Omega Printopack | Lithrone G40 [GL-540+C]

04 November 2020

Investment in Komori press has prepared Omega Printopack for the challenges of business on a larger stage. Located in Haridwar, India, the company defied the odds during the difficult days of the coronavirus pandemic with its vision of upgrading despite the odds. And the results? Omega has won overwhelming support from its clients.

Mr. Akshat Jain (left) and Mr. Sandeep Jain, Proprieter, with family

A blessing in disguise

"We have established our company as a progressive, reliable and innovative partner. Our aim is to focus always on enhancing the printing experience of our customers," says Managing Director Sandeep Jain. "Omega's business during the pandemic yielded an increase in the first half of the current financial year. The decision of our board to invest in a Komori press was a blessing in disguise because our investment paid off very well at the perfect time -- when we needed it most."
"The concept behind acquiring the new Komori press is to offer clients the freedom to execute their business plans with the enhanced technological capabilities of Komori. As Omega strives to gain strategic leadership in pharmaceuticals packaging, we have diversified our portfolio to include fast-moving consumer goods, automotive products, and electronics. Printing and packaging have evolved into value added innovative packaging," he says.

Komori Lithrone G40: Unsurpassed productivity

A business always needs a strong foundation and reliable partners. When the Indian government announced a complete lockdown, Omega had just installed their second Komori Lithrone G40. During this critical time, Komori technology and automation proved to be a savior. The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art software technology and offers a maximum printing speed of 16,500 sph, printing on a wide range of sheet thicknesses. The Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer (A-APC) significantly improves working efficiency and greatly reduces makeready time. The KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) integrated control system cuts paper waste and reduces printing time. The Lithrone G40 ensures high print quality with unsurpassed productivity and can easily handle increasingly frequent short turnaround jobs.

Komori India: Our first choice

The timing couldn't have been better for Omega. After installing the press in early 2020, the world was hit hard by the coronavirus and everything was shut down. The printing business was particularly impacted as printers had to close their factories for a period. Around 10 million impressions have been printed by Omega since the installation of the Lithrone G40, which demonstrates the increased production capacity during this critical time.
Komori was Omega's first choice because the company was aware of the machine's quality and after-sales service. "We always got great service. This gave us confidence because it meant a lot if we could get such after-sales service support in a small town like Haridwar," Jain adds.

India's first PQC-S V6

The Lithrone is equipped with the Komori Info-Service Display and the PDC-SG system that digitizes and automates color matching with upgraded Version 6 software. The single-monitor touchpanel print quality control console displays all press operating conditions and related KHS-AI and PDC information. The ability to specify various parameters according to the job makes work smoother and assists the operator. The operator can easily monitor the status of the press by checking settings, KHS-AI information, air and register data as well as job information. The system also provides detailed information about maintenance, the operation log and trends.

Omega: Steps toward a new horizon

From left: Amitabh Jha, Komori India Service Head, and Jitender Rohilla, Komori India National Sales Head, with Sandeep Jain and Akshat Jain, Owners of Omega Printopack

"After going through several stages of evolution and growth, Omega to date has achieved an 800-fold increase in sales turnover since 2003. We had invested in several used machines before finally purchasing a Lithrone S32. Omega, a first-generation printing company, has opened its third production plant in Sidcul, Haridwar. The first plant, dedicated to mono cartons, was established in 2010, and the second, for corrugation, in 2018. The company has equipped the 2,700-sqm shop floor in the new plant with the five-color Lithrone G40 printing press with in-line coater," says Jain.

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