Komori K-Supply H-UV Ink & A Winning Combination

Australia, Hero Print | K-Supply H-UV Ink

01 April 2018

Hero Print was established in 1998, aiming to cater to the specific needs of the for-trade print market in Australia. Hero Print has now grown into one of the largest trade printers in Australia and offers an enormous range of products.

Alex Coulson, General Manager

On Press recently talked with Hero Print about how the company got to where it is in the Australian printing industry today and where it will be in the next few years. "For our company, great customer service along with great quality products has been a winning combination. Of course, the industry is changing rapidly, but I believe that the future of print is in high-tech offset. Short runs with minimum waste will be the key," General Manager Alex Coulson says.
Alex is convinced that Hero Print has been able to achieve its goals, especially in productivity and print quality, through H-UV technology. The company runs a 10-color Lithrone G40P H-UV perfector. "H-UV has been fantastic for us. How can you beat ink that's dry as soon as it comes into the delivery! Our turnaround times have really sharpened up, which is resulting in better customer satisfaction."

Thumbs up for mileage and quality

The printer says he is quite satisfied with Komori K-Supply H-UV ink and that it has had a positive impact on print operations: "The ink has been working well with added support from Print & Pack, the Australian distributor, to manage our roller settings every four months. K-Supply ink dries extremely well and the scuff resistance is great. There are no complaints with the ink mileage or print quality."
Moreover, Alex is pleased to report that press operators have been able to achieve correct color more efficiently: "K-Supply inks settle on the press very quickly, making it easier for operators to achieve color rapidly and with reduced paper waste."
In terms of meeting ISO standards, Alex explains that Hero Print's color manager has created the correct ISO profile targets and that they meet them with confidence. They also achieve correct dot gain without any issues. In addition, the printer says gloss levels are superior because there is minimal absorption into the substrate. Finally, Alex says that the plant environment has improved because misting with K-Supply H-UV ink is very minor.
Better quality print products, easier operation and a better plant environment are pointing to a bright future for K-Supply H-UV ink and Hero Print.

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