About the Impremia IS29s

The Impremia IS29s performs double-sided, one-pass printing with a level of register accuracy only possible from an offset press manufacturer.
The Impremia IS29s boasts high productivity, able to output 3,000 sheets per hour of up to 585 x 750 mm size, at a resolution of 1,200 dpi, to rival offset printing.
Furthermore, the Impremia IS29s offers sheet path technology that capitalizes on Komori's previous range of experience in offset presses, and can handle a full array of paper thicknesses—from thin paper that poses challenges for previous inkjet printing to thick stock for packages—all on a single machine. As a digital printing press inheriting the unique advantages offered only by Komori, the Impremia IS29s delivers a level of quality and productivity perfectly suited for use as a main production machine.


  • No need for any precoating or special paper, printing can be done on same paper as offset printing
  • High level of front-to-back registration accuracy only available from an offset press manufacturer
  • Instant curing and the ability to start finishing immediately due to UV ink
  • Can color match with offset printing *1
  • Wide color gamut capable of reproducing a wide range of special colors
    Pantone V3 coverage: 77.6% (1,867 colors), DIC coverage: 83.7% (1,280 colors) *2
  • 0.06-0.6 mm sheet thickness range in single-sided printing
  • Manage operations with KP-Connect

*1 With use of K-ColorSimulator2 (KCS-IS Connect).
*2 Results of reproduction with Kodak Spotless Software.Coverage=ΔE00<1.5.All colors produced on OK topcoat, using ΔE2000 formula.

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