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Digital Printing Presses—
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With quality to rival offset,
the Impremia IS29s
creates new business.


The Impremia IS29s unearths new possibilities in digital printing.

In the coming years, printing companies will need to maximize efficiency and profitability by combining offset and digital technologies.
Introducing a digital press for professionals, combining quality rivalling that of offset printing with the flexibility and responsiveness of digital: the Impremia IS29s.


We want to use digital printing system as production machines

Digital printing system can be used for more than just proofing and ultra-short runs.

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s!

The Impremia IS29s features the same level of register accuracy as offset, and can perform double-sided one-pass printing on B2 size.
With both high quality and productivity, it is perfect as a main production machine.
Paper transfer perfecting mechanism, gripper-gripped paper transfer

We want to carry out short turnaround jobs with the same paper and quality as offset

Digital printing system can produce quality at the same level as offset.

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s +
K-ColorSimulator 2!

Colors can be reliably matched to offset using K-ColorSimulator 2.
Additionally, with the Impremia IS29s there is no need for precoating or special paper, so printing can be done on the same paper as offset.
Furthermore, as UV ink is cured quickly with an LED UV, after printing, paper can proceed immediately to post-processing.
This makes the Impremia IS29s excellent for handling short turnarounds.

Komori color management system
for reproducing colors printed on offset
Management system DLP (offset-based Device Link Profile) Management system Simple & Easy matching configuration

We want to handle special colors using digital printing system

The Impremia IS29s can handle a range of special colors, using a 4-color process.

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s!

The Impremia IS29s offers a wide color gamut.
Using a four-color process, it achieves over 75% ΔE<1.5 coverage for Pantone (1,867 colors) and over 80% for DIC (1,280 colors), and over 80% for DIC (1,280 colors),
which allows it to handle special colors used for printing packages.

*Paper: When using OK Top Coat

We want to increase offset operating ratios

Short-run and special color jobs may be hurting your productivity on offset.

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s!

Moving short-run jobs handled by existing offset presses to the Impremia IS29s, with it's short changeover time, helps increase offset operating ratios.
The Impremia IS29s also decreases color creation and washing time for special color jobs.
Moving difficult and time-consuming jobs on offset to the Impremia IS29s reduces work time and helps with workplace streamlining and innovation.
Comparison of short run aggregation Comparing the same job and run sizes printed on three offset presses versus two offset presses plus the Impremia IS29s. Comparison of short run aggregation

We want to reduce the need for specialized skills

Are you worried that future labor shortages could hurt your bottom line?

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s!

Compared to offset presses, the Impremia IS29s is easier to operate.
Even new employees can operate the Impremia IS29s, and operators can oversee prepress, postpress and other machines at the same time.
This helps to distribute multiple skills over a limited number of employees.
Additionally, color stability is excellent, ensuring that colors can be reproduced regardless of the operator.
Illustration of production system Illustration of production system Excellent color stability Stable printing, with minimal color fluctuation. Customers appreciate that the Impremia IS29s offers better stability than offset printing, capable of reproducing colors for repeat jobs from the previous year. Excellent color stability

We want to print on special papers

In addition to standard paper, the Impremia IS29s can print on high-quality papers.

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s!

The Impremia IS29s can also print on papers such as white opaque (PET/PP/synthetic paper), Metallic paper, colored paper/embossed/canvas and semi-transparent plastic,
further expanding the scope of work with the widest range of substrates in its class.
No precoating required for all types of printing paper

We want to print items such as outdoor posters, stickers and labels

Are you worried that digital printing system can't offer the same lightfastness and abrasion resistance?

Recommendation: the Impremia IS29s!

Items printed on the Impremia IS29s feature better lightfastness and abrasion resistance than those printed on offset.
This makes it perfect for a wide range of jobs, such as outdoor posters, in-store POPS, stickers and labels.
Total support

From proposal to installation—Komori total support

Komori can respond to a full range of challenges faced by our customers, offering solutions based around the digital printing system Impremia IS29s. Whether short-run or variable, whatever the job, Komori's support extends beyond just introducing digital presses. With concerns such as improving operating ratios for offset presses, or growing labor shortages, we examine issues from all sides when crafting solutions.
We offer full installation support, from pre-installation operational guidance to followup services. As coordinators for our customers, we provide integrated support that combines sales, servicing and technology in a single package.
Can digital achieve the same quality as offset? Do you have concerns that are still holding you back from introducing digital presses? Maybe you just want to see the Impremia IS29s in action.
Feel free to contact us with any and all questions.

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