The Dynamics of Komori OnDemand

Tsukuba, Japan

01 March 2016

The KGC Open New Pages Show 2016 was held February 4-5 at the Tsukuba Komori Graphic Technology Center. This two-day open house drew large crowds to morning and afternoon sessions each day to see presentations focusing on two key markets: commercial and packaging. Sheetfed and web, offset and digital as well as analog and digital postpress demonstrations filled the schedule. The tablet-ready K-Station 4 integrated press management system handled planning and scheduling for all presses, both digital and offset. The exhibit of a wide range of business models by means of unique combinations of equipment, materials, processes and images was the essence of the event. The 'Open New Pages' message was communicated in every demo, and the diversity of options conveyed the vast array of new possibilities with Komori's growing battery of breakthrough technologies.

Commercial Printing

Lithrone GX40RP: The commercial printing portion of the exhibition opened with a loaded eight-color Lithrone GX40RP double-sided printing press tackling three jobs of 200 sheets each in less than 10 minutes. Capable of handling diverse needs on light and heavy stocks, the press is optimized for high productivity with small lots and short turnarounds. Specified with KHS-AI for automatic presets, the A-APC asynchronous automatic platechanger, and PQA-S V5 for print inspection, automatic color control and automatic register adjustment, the machine ran through the work at 16,500 sph and turned in job changeover times of less than 3 minutes 30 seconds, even with a paper change.
Impremia IS29: The Impremia IS29 UV inkjet digital printing system then followed up with four jobs of its own, the first being perfecting printing of the image printed by the Lithrone GX40RP to display the ability of K-ColorSimulator 2 to perform color matching to show that digital output is virtually the same as offset. The subsequent jobs showed the vivid color potential of the IS29 using the RGB color model, versioning with variable printing, mode changeover and paper changeover. The work was then cut by the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machine.

System G38: The amazing System G38 H-UV-equipped reel-to-sheet offset printing press demonstrated two jobs of 1,000 sheets each in 10 minutes 10 seconds with a job changeover time of just slightly more than five minutes. This productivity powerhouse for eight-color double-sided printing measures just 20 meters in length, the size of an eight-color sheetfed perfector. Very short makeready, quick print start-up and automatic color control throughout the run make the System G38 ideal for short to medium runs.

Package Printing

Lithrone GX40: The six-color Lithrone GX40 H-UV plus coater with the Sheet Numbering System for package printing and the PDF Comparator was paired with the Apressia DC105 flat bed die cutter in an end-to-end package production line. The demo featured four color process with gold metallic and coater varnish in printing a confectionery box that was cut by the Apressia DC105.
Impremia IS29: The Impremia IS29 printed three varieties of a confectionery box in straight mode with variable output, which were digitally cut by the Highcon Euclid system. The digital press then printed package samples with the RGB color model by using the same image printed with the Lithrone GX40. Finally, the paper was changed to a light stock, and the digital printing system output 20 sheets in 20 seconds using the wide-gamut RGB color model.
Numerous new business models implemented by Komori's Lithrone, Impremia, System and Apressia Series platforms with the latest Komori mechatronics and software. All optimized by the use of K-Supply consumables in every demo. Open New Pages.

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