"The Immersive Kando Experience" of Large-format Photographs Event Report of the Tokyo Camera Club 2023 Photo Exhibition -- "This Beloved World"

15 September 2023

Komori participated in the Tokyo Camera Club 2023 Photo Exhibition -- "This Beloved World," held from Friday, September 15 to Monday, September 18 (National Holiday).

In this milestone year marking its 100th anniversary, Komori has adopted its statement of corporate purpose -- Delivering Kando "beyond expectations" by contributing to society with print technology -- as a new compass and is implementing various projects. At this exhibition, we displayed works to showcase the potential of printing large-format photographs with digital inkjet printing systems.


This marks our second participation in this exhibition, and the theme for this year was "The Immersive Kando Experience." Through large-format photographs, we aimed to deliver an experience that makes one feel as if they have stepped into a landscape, expressing our desire to move people's hearts through the chemical reaction brought about by the power of print technology and photography.

The exhibition works were collected by the Tokyo Camera Club community and Komori group employees. A stunning total of 3,500 submissions were received. We were delighted to receive such a huge response that far exceeded our expectations, and we were able to select a total of 16 works. (One work in four times B1 size, three works in B1 size, and twelve works in B2 size)


2023tokyocamera_ 28.jpg

The largest work at the venue, measuring 1.5m x 2m (four times B1 size), featured "Returning to the Cultivated Land" by SILK DRONE, printed using the Impremia NS40 B1 digital inkjet printing system.This photograph, taken using a drone at the Kiwi Tourism Farm, was meticulously printed to maintain high resolution, enabling viewers to fully immerse themselves in the world of the artwork, from people's expressions to each individual leaf.

For the B1 size display, we selected "Sparkle of the Moment 'Triptych'" by Takashi Suzuki, "Flame of Tradition" by Takuya Takahashi (Tak), and "Even if Life Fades" by Ryosuke Mitsui. Viewing these artworks, visitors were able to enjoy unique experiences made possible only through large-format photography, such as discovering chance reflections.

The B2 size exhibition showcased stunning landscapes of each of the four seasons, vividly printed using the Impremia IS29s UV inkjet digital printing system. These photographs included images that make one wish to someday stand within them, capturing fleeting moments of wonder, images that evoke sounds and vibrations, as well as pictures that convey heat and tranquility. These enchanting and mesmerizing artworks adorned the Komori booth.


In participating in this exhibition, Komori aimed not only for many visitors to enjoy photographic works in large format but also to provide photographers with an opportunity to present their art. We are delighted to have achieved this and have heard words of joy from many individuals. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed their works, all applicants, the Tokyo Camera Club staff, and all the attendees.

Did you enjoy the Immersive Kando Experience? We sincerely hope that we were able to deliver the unique immersion of large-format works and the new possibilities of photography through print technology.

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■ Outline of Exhibition
2023 Tokyo Camera Club Photo Exhibition -- This Beloved World
Date: September 15 (Friday) - September 18 (Monday), 11:00 - 20:00 (doors are scheduled to close at 17:00 on the first day)
Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 9F [Hikarie Hall, Hall A], Tokyo
URL: https://tokyocameraclub.com/special/exhibition_2023/ (Japanese)

■ About Tokyo Camera Club
Tokyo Camera Club is one of Japan's largest SNS photo communities with over 5.6 million fans. With approximately 10.14 million works submitted annually, Tokyo Camera Club "provides a place for creators around the world to freely showcase their work." It features not only a tremendous number of submissions but also a high quality of work.

■ About Komori Group Purpose
Delivering Kando "beyond expectations" by contributing to society with print technologyAs Komori approaches the 100th anniversary of our founding, we established this new purpose as a compass for our continued sound development. Komori will move forward over the next 100 years with a purpose that can resonate with all stakeholders.

■ About Komori inkjet digital printing systems
• Impremia NS40 Introducing a new digital press, with the impressive productivity and profitability needed to expand customers' businesses by meeting growing demand for short and medium runs, including variable printing and versioning for immediate turnaround on jobs such as packages, displays, and point of purchase.Supported by Komori's previously amassed technologies and with a unique design combining offset and inkjet using image transfer blankets, the press achieves B1 print speeds of 6,500 sph. As a "digital offset" press, the Impremia NS40 is the peak of digital presses and is made possible only by Komori.

• The Impremia IS29s
The Impremia IS29 professional-spec inkjet digital printing system has evolved once more -- now introducing the advanced Impremia IS29s. In addition to the full range of highly-received basic features -- such as suitability with a wide range of printing stocks and sheet thicknesses, stable high print quality thanks to its superior tone reproduction and register accuracy, and instant curing/one-pass double-sided printing for immediate finishing -- a variety of options to further increase usability and create added value are also available.The Impremia IS29s pushes the boundaries of digital printing, meeting the needs of not only commercial printing, where short runs of many different printed products and short turnarounds are required, but also those of package printing, with increased productivity and efficiency.

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