Yamagata, Japan

01 December 2017

The Komori Packaging Solutions Open House featuring the Lithrone G37 offset printing press in a new lineup for packaging was held on September 28 and October 5, 2017, at Komori Machinery, the manufacturing base of the company's small-format digital and sheetfed offset printing machines. Some 70 visitors from south and southeast Asia were on hand for presentations, a factory tour and demonstrations. In the first demo, 200 sheets of a perceived quality test chart were printed on 0.13 mm light stock. After register and color were automatically checked by PDC-SX, the press quickly accelerated to 15,000 sph for production printing. Following this, quality checkpoints such as density, register accuracy, dot shape and solids printing were explained, and all points were confirmed by the printing samples. The second job printed pharmaceutical packages on 0.43 mm aluminized paper by first laying down white ink, drying with the interdeck dryer and following with 4C process and finishing with drip-off effect using drip-off varnish and full-area high-gloss coating. After printing, samples were passed out so that visitors could check the quality of the drip-off application. The Impremia IS29 was also demonstrated. Samples of postcards and beer packaging that were coated on one side and then cut by Komori's Apressia CT115/CT137 programmable hydraulic clamp cutter were also handed out.

Lithrone G37

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