Static suppressor wins praise from users for efficiency

26 July 2022

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The e-Mist particle humidification-type static suppressor directly sprays a mist of ultra-fine particles to inhibit static by humidifying each sheet of paper. The system was developed on the concept of humidifying when necessary, where necessary, and in only the amount necessary. The paper and press do not get wet because ultra-fine water particles directly penetrate the paper fibers and prevent dripping, excessive humidification, or oxidation. Since humidification is localized to the paper, the system is more effective than humidification of the entire plant in terms of the time, power consumption, and water consumption. The effect is to solve the problems of unstable behavior of paper in the feeder and uneven paper in the delivery, which are caused by static. It improves the feeding and delivery of mainly thin stock and special papers, thereby increasing the efficiency of the user's operation.


Users who have tested e-Mist report, "Previously we were unable to run two passes without discharging static for an entire day, but now we can print the same day." Another user says, "We couldn't raise the printing speed of the press due to static, but we tried e-Mist and were able to." Stressful static is reduced, leading to improved operating efficiency and productivity.
The effect lasts in postpress and finishing processes. Another user says, "In seasons with much static electricity, we used to work by being very careful about static, but when we used e-Mist, this anxiety was reduced." The system is effective beyond printing.
e-Mist automatically turns the mist on and off by linkage with the press and automatically cleans the valves by means of an automatic cleaning function, reducing the operating and maintenance load on the user.

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